MythTV on a Mac Mini

I've finally gone and done it. I've purchased a new mac mini for an upstairs MythTV frontend. MythTV runs well on Mac OS X so I figured I'd give it a shot. I've never experienced anything quite as easy as this. The Mac Mini is the *perfect* MythTV frontend. I've unboxed (always fun with Apple products), plugged it in, gone through initial Leopard setup, and downloaded the precompiled dmg from The Snider Pad. I have my backend broadcasting itself as a UPnP Media Server, so when I fired up on the mac for the first time, it found it right away. Once it connected, I was done. There were all my shows. Of course, the first thing I did was go straight to some of my traditionally difficult HD content, and it played it back flawlessly.

Now onto the next steps
  • I streamed HD over 802.11n in the same room as the router, I need a real-world test upstairs
  • The apple remote worked out of the box, but only has six buttons. The nice thing about MythTV is you can remap the buttons, but six... hmm... just not quite enough. I'll need to find out if there is another remote that can work. I might go down the lirc path
Bottom Line

This was such a pleasant experience and the mini is soooooooooo silent that I'm counting the days until my monstrous 4 year old media PC dies in the family room! Another project might be to figure out what the most compatible tuner's are for a mac and kill my loud backend in the office. I've been impressed with MythTV on a Mac OS X. I hope to write some apple friendly applescripts/automator actions to do some fun things that I've been dying to do.


Anonymous said...
5:30 PM

How does it work with various HD content?

John said...
4:35 PM

Very well so far. I'm at a bit of a roadblock for moving it upstairs for it's permanent home for two reasons: 1) no s-video out for the mac-mini (not even with the 'proper' dongle')
2) 802.11n performance for HD isn't quite there yet when I move too far from the router. But over the wire, hooked up to my HDTV in the family room it runs HD *very* smoothly.

Anonymous said...
8:51 PM

what is the cold boot up time to being able to use it for watching TV and movies?

John said...
6:01 AM

Good question. I leave the mini running 24x7 and it suspends itself after 30 minutes of inactivity, the resume from suspend is almost instantaneous. If I get a chance, the next time I boot it, I'll time it (along with how long it takes to fire up MythTV).

David Snider said...
8:31 PM

Thanks for the great write up. Just an FYI, the Snider Pad upgraded to a new version of Joomla and the updated URL is

John said...
5:25 AM

Fixed.. thanks for the update.

Matt said...
5:36 PM

Which model Mac Mini do you have? I'm thinking of buying one to do HD for my frontend.


John said...
5:44 PM

Hey Matt,

2.0GHz Intel Core 2 Duo
2GB 1066MHz DDR3 SDRAM - 2x1GB

ClaudioC said...
5:33 AM

What frontend are you using?

John said...
7:37 AM

I'm still on MythFrontend 0.22.