MythTV: First PVR to offer Karaoke!

Who knows. There might be Tivo-aoke, or something, but it's fun to dream...

And now.. I give you: MythKaraoke

If only MythTV could open and close my garage door... Wait... It can?

SageTV 5.0 - Claims "First PVR Software with Built-in TV, Music & Photo Placeshifting"

"SageTV Media Center today becomes the first full-featured personal video recorder/media center software product to offer placeshifting capabilities enabling users to access their live or recorded TV, music and photos on any PC when they are away from home."

Huh? First? I call bullshit. MythTV has been placeshifting music and videos for years. Is it the fact that it doesn't "placeshift" photos? That hardly seems like enough innovation or differentiation to claim "First".

Link: PVR Spot: DIY PVR, TV Cards and more » Blog Archive » SageTV 5.0 - First PVR Software with Built-in TV, Music & Photo Placeshifting: