Hitachi’s DV-DH1000W, a terabyte hi-def DVR with DVD recorder

While this device has not hit the streets in the U.S. I still can't get over the fact that I've been sitting on an over 1TB HD PVR/DVR DVD Recorder for well over a year now (thank you MythTV) that outstrips every feature I've seen yet in a consumer set top box, and allows me to do whatever I want with the content.


Room to room HDTV with HomePlug AV

HD Beat has a snippet on HomePlug AV. This is a technology which allows network connectivity over your home power lines.

Link: HD Beat

A couple people dissed the overall concept, but I think it's viable. Yes.. it has been around a while, but the fact that the protocol just received approval by the alliance board should give it a bump.

New Backend only system

I'm in the process of putting together an exclusive backend only system. When I get a chance, I'll put the specs together here, but basically, I'm going for a three HD tuner (HD-3000) six drive system running Fedora Core 4. I'm starting out with two tuners and two 400 Gig Drives but the case I got expands to six drives which is going to be key for a Heavy Duty HD Backend system.

Coupled with my Shuttle front-end in the Family Room, and my Avel LinkPlayer II upstairs, I'm transitioning to a distributed media architecture which should suit the family well in the future.