The morality of it all

I find myself grappling with this scenario constantly:

I set up my PVR (MythTV) to record a given show, say, Lost, from 8-9 on ABC on Wednesday nights, I notice that American Idol is on at the same time. If I had two cards (which I will soon), I would record them both, cut out the commercials, and watch them both at my leisure. Unfortunately, I don't (have two cards that is), so naturally, I set up my RSS Importer plugin in Azureus to download whatever show I'm not recording, in this case, American Idol. The bottom line is that I end up with both shows on my hard drive, they just got there in different ways. One completely legitimate, and legal... the other makes me a criminal.


gfm said...
3:37 PM

I'm calling the cops.