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From Engadget

A player from I-O data is already available for $250, and they expect DivX-capable players to drop to around $100 within a year (what’s odd about the Times piece is that they neglect to mention that there are actually a lot of players out there that support DivX, the big deal about the I-O Data player is that it supports the high-def version of DivX).

I checked out the player as a possible alternate simple frontend for MythTV and unfortunately, they don't have a Linux client which serves the content. I think it is only a matter of time before this kind of thing is common place, and can act as a cheap front end for MythTV which you can drop in just about any room that you want.

UPDATE: I got an e-mail back from them saying that they will be releasing a Linux version of their Media File Server. This has once again become a very interesting option for a remote (second/third/etc...) front end for a MythTV backend.


Anonymous said...
9:05 AM

Did you buy this box ?

John said...
10:37 AM

Nope... I haven't, but it sure does seem attractive. If I have a chance to run ethernet upstairs, I might buy it as a remote front end for the bedroom.

John said...
10:03 AM

UPDATE 2: I-O Data has released a Linux version of their AvelLink Server, so I purchased the unit. It's on a truck, so as soon as it arrives, I'll do a write-up.